What Documents Do I Need For A Mortgage?

Documentation is necessary to process your mortgage, providing it in a timely manner will shorten the time it takes to close your loan.

When you apply for a mortgage our system allows you to upload your documents and requests what’s needed. That’s the most secure method. Below is a list of things that you can begin to gather up, providing documentation can be the most painful part of the mortgage process so being organized and prepared can significantly improve your experience and the timeliness of your loan closing.

Typically we need the following documents to begin processing your loan:

  • 2 years of your most recent tax returns, including 1099’s, w-2’s, and any K-1’s if you are self employed.
  • 1 month of your most recent pay stubs
  • 2 months of your most recent bank statements (all pages)
  • copy of your driver’s license
  • If you are refinancing a copy of your current mortgage statement and insurance declarations page
  • If you already have sales contract please forward it, if you have recently closed on a property we need a copy of the closing disclosure.

If you can not upload the documents, you can fax us at 888-979-6574, or email [email protected] for an express mail package. We can accept documents being emailed but uploading them is the more fail safe option.

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