Mortgage Tools

by Dec 22, 2015

Figure Out What Your Mortgage Will Look Like!

We’ve provided the tools necessary for you to understand what your monthly payment will look like, how much you can afford, and what exactly the terms of your mortgage mean. The process can be confusing but it’s our goal to give you the mortgage tools you need to be in control of your home purchase or refinance. Keep in mind your mortgage advisor can provide you better answers and a more detailed picture of what your mortgage payment will be and how much you can afford. The tools provided are meant to give you an idea of what your mortgage will look like, it’s certainly not a picture written in stone. Your credit report needs to be reviewed to gather a full picture of your scenario.

Mortgage Tools

Mortgage Calculator

Using this mortgage tool you can determine how much your monthly payment will. Rates are based on national averages and it also includes your property taxes and insurance. You can also choose the term of your loan and how much you plan on putting down.

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Affordability Calculator

So you how much can you afford? It depends on your debt and it depends on your income. Let this calculator do the math for you, but always consult a mortgage advisor to confer!

Mortgage Glossary

You need to feel comfortable throughout your mortgage process. Understanding the terms is crucial to the level of your comfort during your transaction. We’ve provided this glossary for you to get the definitions you need to know more than you probably want.

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