A Message From Keith

“I’m glad you’re here! Once you create an account I’ll get an email notification as soon as your application is complete. Ill then review it, and with your permission check your credit and call you to discuss any pertinent details. There will also be an option to upload docs if you would like to. If I can approve you then I’ll give you access to a pre-approval letter within 24 hours that you can provide to your real estate agent or seller. If you run into any trouble please feel free to email, call, or text me at 352-615-1613. I would also be glad to introduce myself to your real estate agent and go over your pre-approval with them. Their confidence in me is just as important as your confidence in me. If you don’t have an agent I can connect you with one of my preferred real estate agent partners. I look forward to working with you and will be in contact soon!

I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Thank you!

Important Facts About Your Pre-Approval!

  • Typically a credit inquiry has a 1-3 point effect, but if you have already had your credit pulled there is a 45 day Pre approval letter checklistwindow in which you can have more inquiries without penalty. In totality credit inquires over the past year make up 10% of your score.
  • 99% of Realtors want a pre-approval letter in order to show you a property.
  • I will be glad to speak to your Realtor to explain your specific needs and to introduce myself.
  • I can send a letter directly to your Realtor with the specific offer details.
  • I can talk about rate before your loan application but a loan application is needed for a firm quote.
  • If we have not spoken about which loan program is best for you I will review your app and discuss this over the phone.
  • Typically your pre-approval letter is good for 90 days but it can be longer if your scenario does not change.
  • Always call, text, or email me before submitting an offer so I can go over the details with you.
  • Shop with confidence knowing that you have been pre-approved and enjoy the process!


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