Singlewide Manufactured Home Financing

We finance singlewide manufactured homes as primary resdiences.

Singlewide manufactured home financing.

We finance singlewide manufactured homes as long as you own the land, its not in a co-op or a condo association. Some lenders will only finance a double wide manufactured home but that is not the case with us. We have no problem with single wide manufactured homes. We can not finance single wide mobile home that’s on leased land. That is considered a chattel loan. The word manufactured home and mobile home are used synonymously. 

We can lend on single wide manufactured homes back to June 15th of 1976. We can use either FHA financing, VA financing, or Conventional financing

For a more detailed guide on financing manufactured homes visit our guide.

Important things to note about financing a Singlewide Manufactured Home:

  • We can not finance a single wide as a second home or an investment property. It must be a primary residence.
  • We do not finance a singlewide on leased land, you must own the land. It can not be in a co-op (cooperative where you own a share of the community) or a condo association. HOA’s are allowed.
  • VA financing allows a single wide manufactured mobile home to have been moved once.
  • The singlewide must be at least 400 square feet for FHA, VA, or conventional financing through Fannie, Freddie requires 600 sq feet. 
  • An engineer report will most likely be required which will inspect the tie downs underneath the home to make sure they are up to code.
  • If you own a singlewide manufactured home and want to get cash out you must use FHA or VA financing. Up to 80% of your homes value can be financed for cash out with FHA financing, and a 100% with VA financing. With VA financing you must be paying off an existing mortgage as well.
  • Minimum credit score FHA financing is a 580, 620 for conventional financing.

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