Home Loans for Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, State Troopers, and Highway Patrol Officers

We have a special mortgage program if you are an officer or deputy servicing on the front lines.

Home Loans for Police Officers

Home loans for police officers are just one way we can give back to those who put their life on the line for the safety of our communities. Our First Responder Mortgage program can be utilized with any of our in house home mortgage programs. Including USDA, VA, FHA, and Conventional financing. What does this program for Police officers, deputies, and troopers do for you? It saves you on closing costs! We ELIMINATE the underwriting fee and processing fee for your mortgage, saving you $1695! On top of our already competitive mortgage interest rates we help save money!

Do I Really Save $1,695 on Closing Costs or is it Built into my Loan Somehow?

This is a real benefit that our mortgage bank absorbs for police officers and deputies. This savings can help keep your money in your pocket for moving expenses, remodeling, or any other cost associated with the purchase of your home. The same goes for refinancing. Additionally if you are asking the seller to pay for your closing costs, by needing to ask for less it can significantly increase the chances of your offer getting accepted.

Who Qualifies?

You have to be a first responder, on the front lines of service. So police officers, state troopers, Sheriff’s deputies, and highway patrolman all qualify. You also have to be actively employed. If you think you might qualify and your title has not been listed please feel free to reach out we will be glad to help.


You Can Use it With Any Type of Mortgage

You can use our police officer home loan program in conjunction with any type of mortgage we do in house. That includes government programs like USDA, FHA, VA. Or Conventional financing. If you are a first time buyer or repeat buyer you can keep using the program.

What if I Need to Refinance?

Yes your police officer home loan program can be utilized when refinancing your home as well. If we are financing your closing costs in, it will keep your loan amount $1,695 lower than it would be otherwise. This will keep your principal owed down and your payments lower.

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